Our Available Partner Music Studios In Tokyo

Home & Online Music Lessons Are Also Available

Tokyo Music Studio partners offer a seamless environment for students to learn their instruments and record their musical masterpieces around Tokyo. 

Minato City
Sony Music Studio
Azabu West Studio
BAGUS Recording Studio
Red Bull Studios Tokyo
Nishi Azabu Studio
Sound City

Shibuya City

One Heart Music
Bunkamura Studio
Sound Studio
Gateway Studio

Shinjuku City

Studio Music City
Music Man
Sound Studio Vantage
Musical Dog Studio
Studio Penta
Hill Valley Studio
Freedom Studio Infinity

Meguro City

Endhits Studio
Prime Sound Studio Form
Iroha Studio
Aobadai Studio
Apu Meguro Studio
Tune Studio

Shinagawa City

Shinagawa Underground Studio
Crunch Studio
Spicy Sound Studio
Uplift Studio
Studio 501

Areas Covered For Home Music Lessons
All areas of Tokyo depending on availability

Online Music Lessons Available Nationwide

Levels Covered
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Exam preparation/performance preparation

Feeling lost? Please contact us at [email protected]